Hello you lovely lot! I hope the start of your week as been fabulous so far. Today I wanted to give you a look into what I'm loving as we head towards the colder months.

When it comes to Autumn / Winter I usually end up having a right mare and worry I'll end up looking like an over-layered abdominal snowman (which I usually do). This year though I am set to make that change by adding some feminine silhouettes and classy layers. I've listed below some of my fave pieces I want to be able to style this season and  few examples


For years I've wanted to be one of those 'cool' women who can pull of a blazer and not look like I'm heading for an important meeting etc. Have I ever managed it? As of yet, no but I have ordered the infamous & Other Stories blazer and I am super excited for it to arrive to see if 2018 is my year to don a blazer while still looking chic and causal. I am loving the black tie waist detail as it adds a feminine spin on a structured silhouette. I like a a tie waist detail as you can really pull it in to create and hourglass figure. 

Belted blazer | Wool blend tailored blazer | Straight cut jacket

S I L K Y / S A T I N  S K I R T S

If you haven't noticed silk / satin pieces are EVERYWHERE this season. Be it in skirt, dress and even shirt / blouse form and this trend I couldn't be more excited for. It's girly, it's classy and it can be 'street styled' up with dad trainers. I've ordered HEAPS of silky skirts in the past few weeks and I'm a little worried I'm going to love them all and just have multiple silky skirts, but would that really be so bad? The one of lusting over the most though is the Pixie Market Rene Beige Satin Long Skirt but stretching to around £88 I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet, but who knows by the end of the month... 
Are you into the silk / satin pieces? If so what do you like the most, the skirt, dress or top pieces?

Knitwear, you can never go wrong with stocking up on knitwear in A/W. Really you can't go through A/W without knitwear unless you're mad. My favourite type of knitwear this season though is the cardigan, chunky or not I'm all over it. I've already got the white chunky cardigan from & Other Stories but now I am so so tempted to get the black one and I'm not sure anyone can stop me, it will be mine by the end of the month. I also like to idea of having thinner ones that are done all the way up and worn as a top with some vintage levis' and layered. I also have rust knitwear high on my list and of course this & Other Stories one is top of the list, since my friend Emily got hers the other weekend we were in London I cannot stop thinking about it. Safe to say I am V. jealous of her right now.


I know in A/W I should really be looking at boots and trust me I am, I just can't seem to decided what kind of style boot I want, but right now I am obsessed with trainers mainly white trainers but these New Balance ones are the exception. They are just sold out everywhere and a lot more £££ than your average New Balance but seeing them on Lizzy has me lusting over them big time. Vans slip ons are a no brainer and after speaking to a friend bringing along a pair of slip on trainers rather than lace ups when shooting are a complete time saver so obviously I NEED these in my life. Lastly, I'm still yet to venture into the dad trainer trend but these Adidas Yung-1 are due for release on Wednesday are going straight in my basket. I have heaps of outfits already styled in my head with these.


Denim, denim, denim... I love it, I hate it and I'm yet to find the dream pair. I usually lean towards skinny fit jeans but I'm ready to venture into a more relaxed fit and I've tried many and always something is wrong with them. Usually they fit well in the bum but my legs just don't feel them out right. If you have any good suggestions for brands when it comes to jeans please send them my way. I'm looking towards Weekday and & Other Stories but yet to try many of them.

I needed to add a miscellaneous section because I just couldn't quite decide what to do with these pieces. I just know I like them and they are slightly still Summer pieces but I'm hopefully heading to Tenerife at the end of October so I think I'm allowed to still look, right? 
I do however really want to find an amazing fitting white shirt to wear not only for smart occasions but dressed down, again with blue levis and a cute lace bralette underneath that can be just about on show. Lastly, does anyone think jumpsuits can still be worn in A/W because I'm besotted with this Zara one but unsure I'll get my moneys worth out of it and it'll sit in my wardrobe until next S/S unloved.

So my loves, that is my mini round up of my current A/W lust list, I haven't forgotten accessories and jewellery but I believe those can a be a little personal to yourself; so I'm planning on just keeping my staple necklaces, adding more gold pieces. I'm even thinking about getting my seconds pierced because I am loving jewellery at moment and more is less in my eyes right now. I also know I've left out some vital pieces like coats and boots but I think, for me anyway, it's too early to decide what kind of coat I want and the style of boots for the colder months so I'm taking it one A/W wishlist post at a time. 

A collaboration made in heaven - love stories x hm


I don't know about you, but when I have the 'perfect' lingerie on I feel I can take on the world and lets be honest; lingerie always makes you feel a little something. That being said I'm guilty of neglecting the one drawer we all reach for always before all others. Due to a little collab you may or may not have heard of; I had a little splurge (I had to be told no to stop myself from purchasing it ALL) on the cutest pieces from the LOVE STORIES x HM collab to rectify the neglect and reignite my love for lingerie.

As soon as I heard about the pairing I was straight on to find out when it would be released and set the date in phone. Love Stories is a brand I have lusted over for years, with the dutch brand always having that fine line between, fun and sexy with a little bit of sweetness mixed in to their pieces; collaborating with H&M was a match made in heaven for me. With the same patterns and styles as any other Love Stories pieces but at a fraction of the price.

 I think some of the pieces are still available online and maybe check out your local H&M store too. I know both the H&M stores in my city stocked some pieces which I was surprised about, so if you missed out online then head to a store near you. I'm tempted to 'collect them all' even the cute pyjama sets; I'll see when payday rolls around if I can do just that.

Trust me though, since purchasing these, I have had nothing but these on repeat and felt like an absolute babe. I was also lucky enough to be able to go to the Artist Residence in Brighton to shoot the pieces and showcase them. It's very different for me and not a usual shoot I'd do but I couldn't not miss the opportunity to show you which pieces I fell for.

I've linked some of the collection below for you to hopefully shop and even find the other pieces that are still in stock and I haven't got my hands on.. yet.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T


The sun has finally decided to show itself again and I'm sitting at my desk trying to get myself organised and ready for the next few weeks I gloriously have off work.

Now the past week started off on a bit of wobble due to an unexpected Saturday night out which I have little recollection of (Thanks to apparently being the unlucky one during a few too many drinking games) but I have big plans for the next 6 weeks; I have 6 changes I'm hoping to make and I thought writing them down and putting them out there would give me a good old kick up the bum as to be quite honest I'm your normal 20-something 'say I'll do something and never get round to it-er' and some of these are really simple. I literally just need to tell myself to stop being a willy and JUST - DO - IT. So without further a do lets jump right into it and get scrolling through my 6 goals in 6 weeks.


This one is literally self-motivation isn't it? Which surprisingly I can be quite good at, I have the '7 Minute Workout For Women' app and I honestly prefer doing these than join a gym. I just really don't want to pay money to a gym when I have a few bits of equipment at home. I am currently wincing though as after doing a few of the workouts I found it near impossible to walk; shows my fitness levels but hey, that's why it's on here. I have the gym gear, I have a few weights, a resistance band and yoga mat. I've seen results from doing my home workouts before just this time round I want to keep it up and I'm sure once the leg pain stops I'll have this. 
It does of course also include healthy eating choices which again I don't have a huge problem with but I have such a weakness for any kind of baked good that I'm teaching myself to control that. I'm sure it'll come hand in hand though and the best motivation is seeing the results right? So that's my aim.


This is the biggy, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong I love my job (If you don't know I am a Individual Needs Assistant at a primary school) I just can't afford to work on a teaching salary and really want to pursue my love of fashion. It's tricky though because whenever people ask what it is I actually want to do I falter; I don't actually 100% know to be honest. I'd love to try styling, I'd love to try a bit of journalism, maybe a bit of PR, maybe even events. I've just always had a love for fashion and stupidly never went to University for it as I felt intimidated and under educated which has left me stuck here and with no real path to follow. Fashion Workie though is a great website which has a range of jobs you can apply for in any field, so that's what I will be doing. Applying for anything that takes my fancy and just have everything crossed that someone wants to take a chance on me. 

If anyone has any advice on this area though, please message me! Even if that involve advice about potentially going back to education, I'm open to anything and everything.

The reason that moving city is also under this section is because jobs I've been looking at are largely based in either London or Manchester. With London of course I could still stay in my hometown and commute, but who knows if I got a permanent job there I'd consider moving; and as for Manchester well that's just a no brainer as I wouldn't be able to commute but after my first visit earlier this year I fell in love with the city so I am more than happy / willingly to move up north.


I don't feel I need to go into this one too much. Pretty explanatory; I'm 23 years old, I don't drive and nearly all my friends / family do or are learning too and eventually I'll need to as well. It's all well and good living where I do as it's not really a necessity but it's become a little tricker as of late due to getting places as I either have to leave my place heaps early to jump on a bus and still turn up late to places or very cheekily ask someone to come out of their way and pick me up, which really isn't fair. What I have to think is actually it'll benefit me heaps. I want to be able to just leave and drive nowhere for no reason whenever I want. I also want to drive and treat my friends so they don't have to designated driver. I just need to get over this fear I have of actually being in-control of a vehicle. By the end of this 6 weeks I will have either got my first lesson booked or already had my first lesson.


Plain and simple, I don't read enough. I've started and currently reading 'Men Without Women' by Murakami which is good. It's just a collection of short stories about men who get through life more or less alone. I was thinking of maybe every now and then writing a post about books that I've read; only if I've really actually enjoyed them mind you. I am enjoying my current read but I picked up two new books and I'm itching to read those more so thinking of maybe sacking this off and rejoining it later. My aim is to try and make myself come off all electrical devices and read at least a chapter or to the next break in my book before bed. 


Long story short. I have not had the best experiences drinking as of late. Last weekend (not the one just gone) being my final point. Alcohol just doesn't seem to be agreeing with me and why I put myself through it I do not know; I love the taste which is a pain but I don't like how it makes me feel / act and sometimes even after just one medium glass of wine I feel an effect. So, for now I have decided I'm going to be cautious and cut down on the drink I consume, because it's at a point where I think about when I'm going to have my next drink, I'll drink when no one else is or I've been having 2 - 4 glasses of whatever is in my house every night; it's just not okay. Cutting down on the amount of alcohol doesn't mean I'm going to stop going out, it just means I'm going to go out but be able to be in control of myself and be fully present the whole time. Plus this will also help with the whole 'get fitter' part as people seem to see amazing health benefits when getting down / giving alcohol up, let's just see how well I can do this; even if I just don't drink as much and only have few on special occasions for me that'll be a huge improvement. I just don't need to get bladdered or have a drink at any given opportunity. Hand me over the alcohol free alternatives or lime and soda!


I was thinking 'how to header this section?' and I just thought I'd say it how it is. Yes, I instagram regularly just not as much as I'd like and ideally I want to 'officially relaunch' my blog come September. Currently I can do all of this and so far I've been out nearly every single day shooting content but I am also very picky and want it all to be of the highest quality and exactly what I picture in my head but when it comes to it I usually have a quick glance and what I've got and move on. I'm not ballsy enough to say 'actually please can you just get down, lie on your back and shoot my pictures.'
Of course, I wouldn't say it quite like that haha, but I have a vision and I want to try everything possible to get it, I'm always willing to go all out and try whatever I can to get what others like so maybe I just need to be a bit more ballsy and ask / direct and really take my time. I also do want to maybe look into working with photographers but I know this will also involve work on my confidence because as soon as a camera is out I forget how to pose and end up just doing the same thing for about 10 minutes.
Relaunching the blog should be fun also, 'ey? I want to start writing more posts like this; as well as fashion ones including detailed jewellery posts. Lifestyle posts documenting my travels and places I've visited. I think how I'm going to go about it is; I'm going to write for me as if no one else is reading this (which I doubt right now anyone will), as if it's like a log / diary for me. I want to venture into film too as I love the style and how the images come out. I keep eyeing up Olympus Mju II but I just don't know which one, as some are with zoom on different levels or no zoom at all, so all advice below please!
Lastly on this subject if anyone has any advice on moving from Blogger to Wordpress then leave a comment below as that is something I'd really like to do.

So that's my 6 changes. I know not everyone gets 6 weeks off work but it's summer, why not just make some changes from now? I'd be interested in knowing if you're going to make changes or if you already have some in place, my aim is to just see where I am come September time.

Dress is from Pretty Little Thing 

Trainers are Superga

Mini fang necklace is Missoma London

Arabic name necklace is Anna Lou of London

Lucky coin necklace is Estella Bartlett

Leave me a comment below if you are making changes or are now thinking about it. If you have any questions about my changes too I'm happy to answer them. xx


It feels like summer is finally here and the summer fashion is in full swing, so what better way to start then with a holiday inspired post?! I was very luckily to be given to opportunity to pick a few outfits / pieces from PrettyLittleThing's holiday shop and it couldn't have come at a better time when I'd been thinking about doing a full style overhaul so I could really start understanding the kind of look / vibe I really want.

Starting with my first look, I went for this gorgeous white cotton button detail puff sleeve shirt. I'm absolutely obsessed with button detailing on clothes at the moment so this was a no brainer when I saw it. The sleeves add a little something something also making me feel slightly like I'm in medieval princess times, I paired with so knitted culotte style trousers for a casual understated look, but this top also comes with a co-ordinating skirt which I am desperate to get to my mitts on but currently it's out of stock so I'll be keeping the tab open and refreshing daily hoping it comes back soon.

As soon as a saw a pair of paperbag waist shorts I knew I had to get a pair. I've seen them around a fair bit via Pinterest and various Instagrammers and loved how they look. I have various ways I'd like to style them but shown below I'd just thrown a basic knitted style vest on and added some layered necklaces. I cannot wait to also pair these with an oversized white shirt or even a camel or gingham one. I also think this would be lovely with a jumper tucked in for when it cools down in the evening.

Lastly, what's a holiday haul without sandals and swimmers right? I love a bandeau style bikini and adding a bow detail and polka dots made this bikini irresistible, I would recommend if you, like me need it in your life, sizing up just to achieve that perfect fit. I also think statement shoes can pull together any look and I love these western style sliders as they are understated yet draw the eye to them, these are definitely going to be a firm piece in my wardrobe this summer.

so, Those were just a few pieces I picked from pretty little things holiday section and since then i've been eyeing it up nearly everyday and i'm think of making a little order myself to build on my summer wardrobe as they really have some great pieces and at great prices you won't be breaking the bank!

I hope you enjoyed my little haul and if you do purchase anything yourself from the holiday shop, i'd love to see / hear what you got!


Social Loneliness. It's a funny one but something I think a lot of people feel. My friends are solid and I know that; but I slightly feel like the forgotten friend. 

With that being said, let me explain (with a lot of jumping around from thought tracks so bare with me) why I feel like this.

I live the furthest out from all of my friends and being silly I haven't learnt to drive yet, so whenever plans are made I have to ask if anyone is able to pick me up, because everyone else is always getting in each others cars and turning up together so I don't want to be left out and turn up alone, but this means they are usually going back on themselves to get me; making me feel like a huge pain and this has began to cause me HUGE anxiety and feeling like my friends get frustrated with me.

I did make the decision to just take myself away for a while and in all honesty I have felt like such a heavy weight has disappeared. I no longer constantly worry things are being planned without me and I don't feel like I constantly need to message people to ask if anything has been planned, then feeling like I've invited myself and intruded. Don't get me wrong I do feel down when I see on social media and things that they've gone out and done things I used to look forward to doing. I just don't know how I can find that balance of putting myself out there again but also not going back to that place of worry. I want to be that person I was when I came back from Australia. Always saying yes to going out, up for anything and messaging my best friend without seconding guessing myself and then talking myself out of sending a message althogether.

I want to show them I am still that person but I don't get the opportunity too or my anxiety talks me out of going to see them at all. It's also not their fault, they don't know I feel this way but I also don't feel I could talk to them about it because I don't really see serious chats being a thing.

I think social loneliness is the best way to describe it because I'm never really by myself. I go out whenever I can and don't stay at home ever. Just sometimes when I am out I'm more of a spectator rather than a participator and I know this because I'm always worrying I'm not up to date with the latest thing that's funny or I'll have played scenarios in my head where I'll talk to someone but actually have nothing to say so we are just sat in awkward silence and that's with anyone I'm going to meet up with, be that the girls I've met through blogging and social media or friends I've known for years. I feel like it cripples me and I don't know how to deal with it. I probably come across as rude or just downright boring when people meet me in real life because I don't really say anything or say the wrong thing through pure panic. 

I know I probably could message my friends and ask if anyone is up for meeting but from past experiences of being rejected it's put me off and my being a bit more reclusive than I used to be state has well and truly set in. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to overcome it? or if you're going through it yourself and need someone to cheer you up and be pal, I'm here.Last note: guys, be kind to your left behind friends. There may be more behind them becoming back-seaters than you realise. They may just need a bit of help.