Thought I'd start off with a 'standard' post of 'What's In My Bag?' as everyone loves having a good snoop around someones bag, well I know I do haha.

I've forever been the type of person to carry around an 'oversized bag' with stuff in that I probably won't ever need but had in there for just in case emergencies, but after suffering from achy shoulders and arms from years of doing so I thought I'd switch it up and go for a much smaller, messenger sized bag and I haven't looked back since. The bag I have been in love with for a good few months now is this Zara leather messenger bag which isn't too roomy but that's kind of what I was after so that it stops me from carrying too much stuff. Not that I still attempt to squeeze stuff in still though.

I'll start with my purse which I am so so in love with, its the Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Stacy Wallet, which of course just holds all my cards, the occasional receipt and the slight bit of change which I sometimes have. I love that its a button fasten rather than a zip as it makes it slightly slimmer but still with so much space for cards and notes which is just perfect and of course a bit on the back for any change I may have. My passport is a bit of a blah item I carry with me and its just because it's my only form of I.D at the moment as I don't have a provisional yet, although I have just sent off for one!

I still own an iPod as I just prefer having something with just music on so I'm not filling my phone with music and can use that for apps and pictures etc, its just the iPod nano 7th gen but it has so much memory on it so I can fill it with whatever music I like and not be picky with what I have and don't have on there. My new baby is the Olympus Pen E-pl7 which I got for my 21st birthday and I'm just so so happy with it. Its one of the reasons I wanted to get back into blogging after receiving it, its just amazing, perfect to take around anywhere with you and I did end up purchasing the 45mm f/1.8G lens as well just to make it slightly more compact when out and about and it has such amazing depth of field which will be perfect for any outfit posts, and yes I do still have all the protective stickers etc on it because I can't bring my self to take them off, but I do also carry the standard kit lens with for any other pictures I want to take and with built in WiFi I can easily transfer my pictures to my phone wherever I am.

Lastly, I do still carry a few odd bits and bobs around like a snack bar of some sort just because you never know when you might get a bit peckish and I like to trick myself into thinking I'm being healthy with something like an Alpen or Belvita bar. To go hand in hand with that I'm never without chewing gum to keep a minty fresh breath and my choice is always Airwaves, also like most girls I also have a few lip products hanging about at the bottom of my bag with my trusty Chanel compact mirror and at the moment its the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecter in 02 and MAC's brave with Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Lip balm and my trusty Marc Jacobs Lola Roller ball just to make sure I'm always smelling fineee.

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