So  its been almost a month since I started my little Australian adventure and if I'm honest I didn't know what to expect. I didn't think I would have travelled the amount I have so far, which okay isn't too far for some, but I've made it to Australia for one and then travelled to and around Sydney on seperate occasions and gone up to the Whitsundays islands all before I feel I've even had chance to find my feet in my new current home town of Newcastle.
So the plan for now? I'm getting a job near my families home and I'm going to settle here for a while, with the occasional trip to Sydney as that's not too far on the train, which have a top / middle / bottom deck by the way, how cool is that?!, and hopefully go to Melbourne for a week or 2 in December to visit some friends who have also come over from Brighton and friends that I met in the Whitsundays.

The plan with this though, is to hopefully start more style posts, show some lifestyle changes and great places that I visit and the odd update post from time to time and yes this will all take time as I'm not fully comfortable just yet. I'm still trying to find my way around which as been a lot harder but once I've been around for a while I'm sure it'll all fall into place and I cannot wait to see where I'll be this time next month.


If you've followed my blog since the 're-make' then you'll know at the beginning of the year I booked a one way ticket to Australia and now the day I leave is fast approaching (12 days to be exact), so I wanted to start a little prep series of what I've been doing to prepare and basically get my shit together. I thought I'd start with a post about packing away and getting rid off to maybe help anyone who needs to do the same and is feeling overwhelmed by it all.


1. pink cadillac - ráday u. 22, 1092, Budapest
Ráday u. is known as Budapests 'Soho' and is a nice little street lined with many indoor and outdoor bars, cafés and restaurants. First stop was a typical 'safe' restaurant we tried. It had a variety of dishes to choose from so everyone would be able to find something that will take their fancy. The burger was insane, but they have many options for vegetarians and meat lovers. The main thing that excited me was the serving of rum, it was HUGE, more rum than coke but you can't complain when it only cost around £2. I would recommend this place to anyone who loves a safe bet and needs a place you can guarantee everyone will find a dish they love.    
2. rombusz- ráday u. 10, 1092, Budapest
A cute little outdoor bar set up, again on the same road as Pink Cadillac which had furniture placed all around, a food stall and bar with a stage for live music performances. I think this is a place more for locals but if you don't mind wondering in and trying to make sense of the drinks menu and soaking up some nice atmosphere this is a cute stop.
3. the vintage garden - dob u. 21, 1075, Budapest
The Vintage Garden is a definitely a blogger / instagrammers dream eating stop, be it the decor or even the food itself. It's the kind of place you walk into and just have to take a moment to look around. The food / drinks aren't bad either, the cocktails all come with roses as decoration and no one gave a disapproving look when they were ordered at 11am! The menu was gorgeous, with a range of flat breads with different toppings and more. Being early I went for the flat bread option, there's something here for everyone again and even with the uber girly decor I'm sure guys will enjoy it, even if its just for the food and the sneaky girly cocktail they try ;) 
4. szimpla kert bar - kazinczy u. 14, 1075, Budapest
Budapest is known for having many ruin bars around and Szimpla Kert is one of the most well known ones. I would recommend going both day and night so you can get a real feel of the whole atmosphere, day time is perfect so you can really see all the little details with chairs hanging above from wire, bath tubs cut open to make seats and an old safari car just in the middle. The food is more festival style grabs but still so so good, just maybe not a place for a proper meal. 
5. gelarto rosa - szent istván tér 3, 1051, Budapest
Another blogger cliché stop but nice nonetheless, a great little stop off when you've been walking around in the sun all day and just need a sweet treat. Yes the ice cream being a rose shape was the biggest appeal but being able to have the choice of flavours and creating your own was great too.
6. hotdog cold beer - 1051, zrínyi u. 14, 1051, Budapest
Fried crisps on a stick. What more can I say? Perfect for anyone who loves crisps and if you just want to grab a quick snack, even its just for the novelty. Hotdog, cold beer does also have other options, of course one of those being hot dogs. A great little pit stop.
There's also many Chimney cake stalls lining the streets, it's like a massive doughnut shaped like a tube and can come with different flavourings from vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon. I was told you could get them filled with ice-cream too which I really wanted to try but couldn't find them anywhere.
 6. new york café - erzsébet krt. 9-11, 1073, Budapest
Heads up. New York Café is not an American style diner / café. It's like stepping into a Parisian ritz style hotel. Gorgeous nonetheless, it is breathtaking but walking in with suitcases and a little sweaty probably wasn't the best idea. It was the last stop from the trip and we had breakfast before heading to the airport home. It was still made fairly American style by grabbing pancakes drowning in maple syrup and milkshakes. Its an amazing place to visit and to read about the history behind the place and if you can stuff your face with good food while taking in some culture and history, I would look this place up.

So, while I didn't try any Hungarian cuisine the places I did visit I would recommend. Even just for novelty reasons, crisps on a stick for sure, next time maybe I'll try a real Hungarian dish it just wasn't floating my boat too much but never say never.


Finally back again with another Budapest post, day one of what I got up too! So I was in Budapest for 4 days but really it felt like 48 hours as the other 2 days were spent travelling (who knew such a short flight still took up a whole day) but we were able to cram so much into such a small space of time I thought I'd show you what we managed too see and I guess recommend if you're thinking of heading to Budapest.

 1. parliament and margaret island
The plan wasn't to see the parliament really but as it's so easy to walk everywhere you follow the Danube river and walk alongside the parliament building along the way to the chain bridge or Margaret Island and it is actually very stunning, with such amazing detail. Well worth a stumble upon.
After that it's a bit of a walk to Margaret (margit) Island and but well worth it, and you can grab an ice cream / lolly and a drink from the cute ice cream stand right by the fountain. Which turns out to be a musical fountain and puts on a show every now and then throughout the day, which I didn't expect but is actually well worth seeing and its very refreshing dipping your toes at the edge.
2. szechenyi thermal baths
The thermal baths are one of the main 'attractions' in Budapest with a fair few dotted around. We headed to the main thermal bath and even with temperatures over 30 degrees the hot water is very welcomed. It's not to bad for how busy it is, you don't feel overwhelmed and there are plenty of places to set up your things. There are 2 baths, one is the more thermal bath and then the other one has a whirlpool in and is cooler so more leisurely. There are a lot of price options and we went for a daily ticket with cabin and bought towels there but you get refunded for those once you hand them back in. 

£? 5200 FT = £14 for a weekday daily ticket and a cabin.

    hero square pictures from beth
3. hero square                                                                                                                   
Hero Square is just before Szechenyi thermal bath and Budapest zoo and Botanical Garden, if you've come from Margaret Island and is one of the major squares in Budapest. Again another thing that wasn't planned but worth seeing. It looks very Greek, but features the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars (the leaders of the seven tribes of the Hungarians) and other important national leaders and also the tomb of the unknown soldier. Which is very interesting, it is also surrounded by two important buildings, The museum of fine art on the left and the palace of art on the right.

From Hero Square if you fancy a little bit of shopping, you can head down Andrassy Boulevard for a little mooch with stores from Armani, Gucci and even a COS! It's a central street with restaurants, food stands and even a piece of the Berlin wall still standing a long the way.


One of the main reasons I thought about going to Budapest was because a friend of mine at work at gone not too long ago and she was telling me how cheaply she did it and I just thought what a fantastic way to just get away for a bit and see somewhere new.

So the first thing she suggested to do was rather than book a hotel to stay in, look into AirBnb which is something I'd never tried but after she said flights and a place to stay cost her only £100 altogether and hearing how good AirBnb services were I thought it was the best way to go. I found this cute little apartment that was in the perfect location, not too central but not far from anything at all - the longest we walked for was probably an hour to a place we wanted to go.

It was perfect for the 3 of us, my friend Hannah and I shared the main bed while my sister had the sofa bed in the main area and there was just so much room for us in both beds so no squishing which was great because I hate when you're pretty much living on top of each other which is quite usual if you stay in a hotel.
Because we had a kitchen space it was perfect for us to just make breakfast in the mornings and with a little shop just down the road we popped in to grab some bread, juice and some spreads to have toast - not to mention the crisps we bought for late night snacking when we got in.

What I really liked is that it also had a few personal touches with this amazing Singer sewing machine that I was desperate to take home with me and the host had left 3 bars of chocolate for us on the table which I think was a Hungarian brand, it was just nice little touches like that, that made the accommodation such a lovely place to stay and the host was easy to contact if we needed anything.
I would really recommend using AirBnb for quick little trips away, I know not all locations are as cheap but if you want something a bit more personal and maybe a real feel of the place you are visiting its great. I leave the link here to the place I stayed if you are thinking of making a future trip as I really did love it and it was perfect, with a great location and friendly neighbourhood and a real feel of Budapest in one little street.


So earlier this month I headed to Budapest for a few days with one of my oldest friends and sister, as I decided I wanted to see more places before I move to Australia later on this year. I thought I'd just give you a little look into what I packed, even though I did take a few outfit posts but I love a good flat lay.

With it being a very quick trip with only 2 full days to look around and explore the city, we packed very lightly and luckily with it being hot in Budapest this time of year it made taking only hand luggage that bit easier. It was A LOT of walking so I wanted to be as comfortable as possible, even though I did pick 2 new pairs of shoes and they always seem to rub so it probably wasn't the best idea but I couldn't resist and I had my reliable Stan Smiths which I ended up wearing the second day we walked around after my leopard espadrilles rubbed hell'a lot on the first day.
 I packed very casually also but knowing we'd be going out some nights I though this cute midi skirt with a front slit would be a nice dressier piece, but with my feet pretty cut up from the first day I made it casual again with my Stans.
 Obviously I had jeans packed with me, mainly for the travelling as it was so much hotter than expected so I didn't need them at all while there but I had my trusty Topshop Jamie jeans and I packed my 28L pair (yes I own 28L, 30L and 32L) just so they were that bit shorter as I call them my summer jeans and like a true English citizen I had to wear sandals home.


A few extra bits I packed was of course my All Saints leather jacket which I wear with EVERYTHING and it was perfect for the evenings out when it was bit cooler as well as of course coming from England, we always need some kind of layer. I also packed this cardigan that I've had for years for the plane as they can be a bit chilly and I like to stay cosy, so I just chucked this over me on the journey. Lastly I was the 'bag lady' for my sister and I so I just took my Urban Outfitters shoulder bag which I use day in, day out.

I've got a little Budapest series coming up on the blog and I can't promise it'll be frequent but I have a few outfit posts, a little one about the Air Bnb we stayed in, as well as the places we visited and also ate so I hope thats all okay with you guys and that you enjoy seeing what I got up too and hopefully if you're thinking of going at some point it will help with your trip too :)


 Last week Agnes and I headed to our local Topshop in Brighton for a personal shopping session as we've been on a mission to revamp not only our wardrobes but our whole style as well, which I may do a post on once I'm fully happy, and organised a day with Carla to just that.

We emailed her a few days before just to tell her the kind of thing we were looking for, very minimalist, androgynous with a slight girly twist, clean cut and a basic colour palette,  and I think she did a great job of finding us pieces we were really looking for. It was a great experience, discussing what pieces we had already and how we could tie those with the pieces we were looking at and how to also style them.

I think if you have the chance to try a Topshop personal shopping experience you really should. Not only can it help you try styles and pieces out of your comfort zone but you can also try pieces you know you love but in different ways and it really shows you ways of utilizing pieces you may already have in your wardrobe and even how to make basics seems not so basic.

I'll be posting some outfit posts with the pieces I got and I know I'll be picking up a few of the pieces I left behind soon, so keep checking back for those!


 It's a Sunday so what better time to just take some time out from life and just relax? That is exactly what I look forward to doing on Sunday's, I like to take it slow maybe have a little pamper or literally slob out in last nights Pj's with Netflix all day.