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For years and years I've always said one day I will go to Australia and have always wanted to visit but one thing or another would stop me from making the first steps, be it my personal life or just the general struggle of saving up.

But on the 11th of January I took the plunge and booked a one way ticket to Sydney, heading to New South Wales once I land as I have family living there, for the 29th of September 2016. Once it was done I didn't know how I felt, excited? Nervous? The one thing that is going through my mind is that I'll be leaving pretty much my whole life behind and every things going to be SO different when I come back, thats if I even do!

Its time for a change though, time to experience a new life style and take everything in. I cannot wait! So as well as posting beauty and style posts I'm going to use my blog to document what I go through leading up to leaving England and also continue with it all while I'm out there and I hope you all enjoy seeing the progress I go through and maybe it will even help one of you if you're thinking of doing the same thing. 

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