First of all, Happy Easter everyone! I've been getting into baking quiet a bit recently and after making my Banana and chocolate chip bread for weeks and weeks, my little brother came to me and asked if I'd try to make a chocolate cake as its the only cake he'll eat and I thought why not?! And what a better time than Easter too give it a go, so I searched the for a chocolate cake recipe and came across Mary Berry's but decided to add my own little twist.


Now I'm not much of a baker or cook, but when it comes to something quick and easy, some of you may say basic, I'm all over it. A few weeks back I moved in with my friend Agnes for about a month and while there she made all types of treats, but this really stood out to me and only recently finding a love of bananas I was pleasantly surprised. I can't take credit for this recipe at all, its all down to Agnes but since moving back home I've made it every weekend without fail and it goes down a treat each time, so I thought I'd share it and maybe some of you will want to dabble in a quick and easy but fail safe treat.


My previous job had me discover and fall in love with so many new brands I'd never heard of before and NUDE was one that really stood out for. Not just for the cute purple packaging but really learning and understand the brand was just so interesting to me.