It's a Sunday so what better time to just take some time out from life and just relax? That is exactly what I look forward to doing on Sunday's, I like to take it slow maybe have a little pamper or literally slob out in last nights Pj's with Netflix all day.


Its no secret I've always been a lover of lighter / blonder hair and gone to all lengths to achieve it (anyone remember sun-in and John Frieda Go Blonder lightening spray?) and I was a huge fan of the caramel toned blondes, until the ashy silvery blonde hair came in and I was determined and hooked on re-creating and banishing any warm tones from my own barnet. So since have been on a quest for the perfect routine for keeping brassy tones at bay.


photo taken from: elzbthchlmrspps
On the 19th of March a group of bloggers were invited over to The Globe for a blogger meet up which was hosted and organised by the lovely Laura over at Lola and Behold which gave me the chance too not only meet some of the lovely ladies I'd met at my first blogger meet up 3 years ago, but too also meet some new gorgeous ladies too and take my gorgeous twin along too, to meet some local bloggers, so we chatted all afternoon and got to know a few brands too.