It's a Sunday so what better time to just take some time out from life and just relax? That is exactly what I look forward to doing on Sunday's, I like to take it slow maybe have a little pamper or literally slob out in last nights Pj's with Netflix all day.

I just thought I wanted to throw an easy read at you today, sticking to the theme of a lazy Sunday so here it is.

On Sundays I'm pretty sure we all have things we look forward to doing, be it literally nothing at all you just stay in bed all day flicking through Sunday TV or Netflix or you may be the complete opposite and love having a list as long as your arm of things you want to tackle. For me its a mixture of both, I love chilling in bed until about 12 pm and then slowly making a move and starting on cleaning my room, be it making sure it's polished and hoovered with fresh bedding or cleaning my makeup brushes for the week ahead.
And then once that's done I start on looking after myself so some Sundays when I want to fully indulge, I'll run a bath and use a Lush bath bomb and just soak for a good hour at least and the always I do a face mask just to clear all the dirt from my face and leave myself feeling squeaky clean and these Anatomical face masks are perfect for quick fix ups, once that's done I use the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask to make my skin plump and awake looking for the long weekend ahead.

Lastly I settle down with my laptop in bed and catch up on all my favourite blogs and just start pulling a few ideas together of my own for my blog and instagram, which just leaves my feeling settled and ready for the week.

So, tell me what is your ideal Sunday like? Do you like to rush around and get your chores done or are you more of a 'its my time' Sunday gal?
Oh, and if you haven't noticed my blog name and URL has changed once again. I will now be sticking with Hannah Ivy for the future as I just feel its a lot more simpler and I like how it sounds, but I will be sticking with this now for the foreseeable future.


  1. I love having a Sunday night pamper I do it every week, I always do a face mask and have a bath with a lush product in it. We all need some me time! Xx


    1. Sunday pampers are one of the things I ALWAYS look forward too! Sounds perfect! Completely agree! xx