Last week Agnes and I headed to our local Topshop in Brighton for a personal shopping session as we've been on a mission to revamp not only our wardrobes but our whole style as well, which I may do a post on once I'm fully happy, and organised a day with Carla to just that.

We emailed her a few days before just to tell her the kind of thing we were looking for, very minimalist, androgynous with a slight girly twist, clean cut and a basic colour palette,  and I think she did a great job of finding us pieces we were really looking for. It was a great experience, discussing what pieces we had already and how we could tie those with the pieces we were looking at and how to also style them.

I think if you have the chance to try a Topshop personal shopping experience you really should. Not only can it help you try styles and pieces out of your comfort zone but you can also try pieces you know you love but in different ways and it really shows you ways of utilizing pieces you may already have in your wardrobe and even how to make basics seems not so basic.

I'll be posting some outfit posts with the pieces I got and I know I'll be picking up a few of the pieces I left behind soon, so keep checking back for those!


  1. I love personal shopping at Topshop, such a fab idea and makes the trying on process so much easier.

    Sophie x

    1. Same its so helpful and it opens you up to trying things you never would have thought to try x