If you've followed my blog since the 're-make' then you'll know at the beginning of the year I booked a one way ticket to Australia and now the day I leave is fast approaching (12 days to be exact), so I wanted to start a little prep series of what I've been doing to prepare and basically get my shit together. I thought I'd start with a post about packing away and getting rid off to maybe help anyone who needs to do the same and is feeling overwhelmed by it all.

I found the best way to store things was under the bed storage boxes but keeping it to a minimum of 4 because you don't want to over store things away. This is the best time to really clear out and get rid of things you haven't used or worn in a while. I had 2 clothes / bedding boxes, 1 shoes and miscellaneous and 1 for beauty etc (which I mainly stored until I could give it to my sister). I kind of knew what I wanted to leave here and take with me as my auntie who lives out there sent me a list of what I should pack and a friend of mine also gave me the advice that it is actually colder than you expect (and I was thinking of only packing summer clothes like, dresses, shorts etc) so both helped massively. I packed away pieces I loved but hadn't worn in awhile, things that had memories attached to them and just really streamlined my underwear and cosy clothes that I owned. It was hard but looking at what I've decided to take with me I think I've done well and I'm still thinking of pieces I can leave here and sell.

The next thing was selling. Seems kind of obvious, make a bit of extra money and clearing out old bits you just don't love anymore. I used Depop for this and honestly I wouldn't really recommend it, its' really just people trying to 'swap' or get items that are already listed cheaply, cheaper, but if you want a quick and easy sell then it is probably your best bet. I got a lot of things sold on this before I went and why not sell things you know you won't use or wear? Someone else can love it and you can have a little bit of extra money for the travel.

Lastly, all the leftover bits I gave to charity. I think that's the best thing, things in good condition that can either go to someone who needs it more or sold on. I like best to pop clothes in the charity bags that get posted through the door or even the clothes banks because hopefully these go to people who need them a lot more.

I know this was fairly short and vague but I hope it helps at least one person, but my main advise is just streamline and mainly get rid of things because if you aren't taking it with you, will you really need it in a years time?

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