1. Navy Blue Astrology Pyjama Set | 2. Desenio Prints | 3. Red Puffer Jacket | 4. Throw Cushion | 5. Lingerie Set | 6. Blue Wash Levi's Jeans | 7. Crosley Record Player | 8. Short Shaggy Coat | 9. Diptyque Candle | 10. Anthropologie Mug | 11. Acne Scarf | 12. Vintage Jumper | 13. Sterling Silver Little Finger Ring | 14. Coco Mademoiselle Chanel Perfume | 15. Mini Hot Water Bottle | 16. Black Casual Trousers | 17. Pineapple Plant | 18. Glossier Phase 1 Set

So here's the deal; I'm not actually great with asking for gifts when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays so rather than actually telling people I usually end up with gift cards or I.O.U.s. When really I think I can be pretty easy to buy for as I usually want everything but I'm sure some disagree, so I decided to selfishly pull together a little gift guide of my own with a little nudge towards the things I'd like to receive for Christmas. 
Some have direct links as they are specific things and I can be a little picky but others are really there to just fuel ideas, but if you find this handy and have someone you want to throw this in their direction then of course, feel free and hey if you think there's some serious must haves I've missed then leave them in the comments and hopefully someone scrolls down far enough to take a nosey.

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  1. LOVE this idea - I think everyone would appreciate it if I did one of these posts too! I'm obsessed with that teddy coat in number 8.

    Can't wait to see what you get for Christmas!

    Ali xx