A collaboration made in heaven - love stories x hm


I don't know about you, but when I have the 'perfect' lingerie on I feel I can take on the world and lets be honest; lingerie always makes you feel a little something. That being said I'm guilty of neglecting the one drawer we all reach for always before all others. Due to a little collab you may or may not have heard of; I had a little splurge (I had to be told no to stop myself from purchasing it ALL) on the cutest pieces from the LOVE STORIES x HM collab to rectify the neglect and reignite my love for lingerie.

As soon as I heard about the pairing I was straight on to find out when it would be released and set the date in phone. Love Stories is a brand I have lusted over for years, with the dutch brand always having that fine line between, fun and sexy with a little bit of sweetness mixed in to their pieces; collaborating with H&M was a match made in heaven for me. With the same patterns and styles as any other Love Stories pieces but at a fraction of the price.

 I think some of the pieces are still available online and maybe check out your local H&M store too. I know both the H&M stores in my city stocked some pieces which I was surprised about, so if you missed out online then head to a store near you. I'm tempted to 'collect them all' even the cute pyjama sets; I'll see when payday rolls around if I can do just that.

Trust me though, since purchasing these, I have had nothing but these on repeat and felt like an absolute babe. I was also lucky enough to be able to go to the Artist Residence in Brighton to shoot the pieces and showcase them. It's very different for me and not a usual shoot I'd do but I couldn't not miss the opportunity to show you which pieces I fell for.

I've linked some of the collection below for you to hopefully shop and even find the other pieces that are still in stock and I haven't got my hands on.. yet.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T


  1. Hannah you look absolutely incredible!!! such gorgeous pieces and a beautiful location too!

    1. Thank you so much Ali, that means a lot! I was so nervous but also excited about this post