Hello you lovely lot! I hope the start of your week as been fabulous so far. Today I wanted to give you a look into what I'm loving as we head towards the colder months.

When it comes to Autumn / Winter I usually end up having a right mare and worry I'll end up looking like an over-layered abdominal snowman (which I usually do). This year though I am set to make that change by adding some feminine silhouettes and classy layers. I've listed below some of my fave pieces I want to be able to style this season and  few examples


For years I've wanted to be one of those 'cool' women who can pull of a blazer and not look like I'm heading for an important meeting etc. Have I ever managed it? As of yet, no but I have ordered the infamous & Other Stories blazer and I am super excited for it to arrive to see if 2018 is my year to don a blazer while still looking chic and causal. I am loving the black tie waist detail as it adds a feminine spin on a structured silhouette. I like a a tie waist detail as you can really pull it in to create and hourglass figure. 

Belted blazer | Wool blend tailored blazer | Straight cut jacket

S I L K Y / S A T I N  S K I R T S

If you haven't noticed silk / satin pieces are EVERYWHERE this season. Be it in skirt, dress and even shirt / blouse form and this trend I couldn't be more excited for. It's girly, it's classy and it can be 'street styled' up with dad trainers. I've ordered HEAPS of silky skirts in the past few weeks and I'm a little worried I'm going to love them all and just have multiple silky skirts, but would that really be so bad? The one of lusting over the most though is the Pixie Market Rene Beige Satin Long Skirt but stretching to around £88 I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet, but who knows by the end of the month... 
Are you into the silk / satin pieces? If so what do you like the most, the skirt, dress or top pieces?

Knitwear, you can never go wrong with stocking up on knitwear in A/W. Really you can't go through A/W without knitwear unless you're mad. My favourite type of knitwear this season though is the cardigan, chunky or not I'm all over it. I've already got the white chunky cardigan from & Other Stories but now I am so so tempted to get the black one and I'm not sure anyone can stop me, it will be mine by the end of the month. I also like to idea of having thinner ones that are done all the way up and worn as a top with some vintage levis' and layered. I also have rust knitwear high on my list and of course this & Other Stories one is top of the list, since my friend Emily got hers the other weekend we were in London I cannot stop thinking about it. Safe to say I am V. jealous of her right now.


I know in A/W I should really be looking at boots and trust me I am, I just can't seem to decided what kind of style boot I want, but right now I am obsessed with trainers mainly white trainers but these New Balance ones are the exception. They are just sold out everywhere and a lot more £££ than your average New Balance but seeing them on Lizzy has me lusting over them big time. Vans slip ons are a no brainer and after speaking to a friend bringing along a pair of slip on trainers rather than lace ups when shooting are a complete time saver so obviously I NEED these in my life. Lastly, I'm still yet to venture into the dad trainer trend but these Adidas Yung-1 are due for release on Wednesday are going straight in my basket. I have heaps of outfits already styled in my head with these.


Denim, denim, denim... I love it, I hate it and I'm yet to find the dream pair. I usually lean towards skinny fit jeans but I'm ready to venture into a more relaxed fit and I've tried many and always something is wrong with them. Usually they fit well in the bum but my legs just don't feel them out right. If you have any good suggestions for brands when it comes to jeans please send them my way. I'm looking towards Weekday and & Other Stories but yet to try many of them.

I needed to add a miscellaneous section because I just couldn't quite decide what to do with these pieces. I just know I like them and they are slightly still Summer pieces but I'm hopefully heading to Tenerife at the end of October so I think I'm allowed to still look, right? 
I do however really want to find an amazing fitting white shirt to wear not only for smart occasions but dressed down, again with blue levis and a cute lace bralette underneath that can be just about on show. Lastly, does anyone think jumpsuits can still be worn in A/W because I'm besotted with this Zara one but unsure I'll get my moneys worth out of it and it'll sit in my wardrobe until next S/S unloved.

So my loves, that is my mini round up of my current A/W lust list, I haven't forgotten accessories and jewellery but I believe those can a be a little personal to yourself; so I'm planning on just keeping my staple necklaces, adding more gold pieces. I'm even thinking about getting my seconds pierced because I am loving jewellery at moment and more is less in my eyes right now. I also know I've left out some vital pieces like coats and boots but I think, for me anyway, it's too early to decide what kind of coat I want and the style of boots for the colder months so I'm taking it one A/W wishlist post at a time. 

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